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A new necklace for a new year.

Old Jewelry Gains New Life in the New Year

This is the time of year we look forward to bringing new life to old jewelry. When I think of the New Year, these images come to mind. A new journal with blank pages just waiting for thoughts and stories. A blank calendar to fill with future birthday and anniversary celebrations. 

The New Year signals a new start and can include your old, unworn jewelry. Did you know that a broken chain can be transformed into a bracelet or a pair of dangly earrings? An inherited broach that’s just not your style can become the pendant of your dreams.

The Start of Something New

Vince Isaacson, Master Artisan and Owner, lives for the possibility inherent in existing pieces. He likens to being a portrait artist, stating, “I take people’s ideas and paint them into [a picture] of what they want to wear. I love listening to their stories and ideas and showing them how we’ll bring that to life.”  

The conversation typically starts something like this: I have some jewelry pieces my Grandma left me. She was so special to me. I love that I have some of her things, but her style doesn’t suit me. I don’t want these items to keep living in my jewelry box, so what can I make from them?

Well, that kind of conversation opens up all kinds of possibilities. We start designing by listening to our customers. It’s important to understand their style and how they wear their jewelry. Chatting through design options, customers share lots wonderful insights about the jewelry and how they relate to friends and family. The legacy of the original pieces are integrated, honoring those memories.  

Old Jewelry Can Be On Trend

Annä Slater is our designer extraordinaire! You can see how much she loves working with our customers. She scours trade publications for the latest styles and fashions. Here are some of the trends she’s seeing for 2021:  

  • Geometric designs are popular. This style allows for clean lines and a minimalist look. Stones set in corners or at the intersections of lines to create a unique look and feel.
  • Negative space” jewelry allows the design of the piece to be the focal point. The use of negative space lets the design breathe and shine uncluttered by lots of embellishments. Geometrics are easy to combine with negative space design as the two complement each other very well.
  • Three-stone rings feature a larger center stone accented by a smaller stone on each side. Oval center stones flanked by pear-shaped or trilliant- shaped stones are popular. And, you can be creative with the stone selection.
  • Free-form rings are enjoying new popularity, especially when they are incorporated with geometrics and negative space. Free form also allows for stones cut into more unique shapes.

What’s Sitting in Your Jewelry Box?

While looking at new styles is fun, custom jewelry is about creating a design that truly speaks to you. Transforming old jewelry into new heirlooms that will stay in the family for generations to come. Your finished piece includes portions of the cherished original, meaningful to you, now in a new form you’ll love wearing every day.