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Groom's Wedding Ring

The Groom’s Wedding Ring

When we think of June, happy things come to mind: warm weather, getting out of school, and vacations. For some brides and grooms, it’s also the time to put on the jewelry they chose to symbolize their commitment.

An essential part of getting married is the selection of wedding bands. With so much attention focused on the bride’s jewelry, the groom’s wedding ring can almost be an after-thought. However, in this day of new metals and innovative designs, your ring can be unique to you and look nothing like your grandfather’s wedding band.

Traditional vs. Non-Traditional Rings

Don’t get me wrong, some of our grooms like the traditional, classic look of a white or yellow gold band. But, for those who prefer a non-traditional look, options abound!

Part of this selection process includes understanding how the groom will “wear” his ring, from the type of work he does to the sports he enjoys. Daily wear and tear will drive the conversation about different metal rings such as:

Titanium: Lightweight, shatterproof, hypoallergenic, and dark gray
Tungsten: Scratch-resistant, permanently polished, and dark gray
Cobalt: Weight somewhere between Titanium and Tungsten, scratch-resistant, and a platinum-like color.

A Groom’s Wedding Ring That Fits His Job

Some grooms, who work with their hands, may need a safe way to express their commitment. We have a selection of colorful silicone bands that are nonconductive, heat resistant, and durable. Silicone Rings are lightweight and easy to take on and off. Our electrician and construction worker clients say they can’t even tell they are wearing a wedding ring. Men in these professions should avoid rings made of gold, silver, platinum and black tungsten wedding rings.

Comfort vs. Style

Fit and comfort in wearing the wedding band are also essential. Many grooms aren’t used to wearing rings, so they quickly figure out the “not too” part of this decision – not too heavy, not too wide, not too thick, etc.

Tattoos can also figure into the selection process. In working with one groom who had an intricate “sleeve” on his left arm, we considered how his new ring could coordinate with the colors of his tattoos. He chose the metal and the stones to accentuate his body art.

A Meteorite Becomes a Groom’s Wedding Ring

Some grooms want a custom design with rare materials. We love projects like these because they allow us to learn something new. One of our grooms requested a custom designed Gibeon meteorite ring.

The Gibeon Meteorite formed in space about four billion years ago. When it entered the Earth’s atmosphere, over the desert of Namibia, Africa, it exploded and left a trail of debris over an area 171 miles long and 62 miles wide.

The export of Gibeon Meteorite is banned. Any newly discovered pieces are protected national monuments. Due to this limited supply, the value of any pieces currently in circulation will continue to increase in value. The origin and rarity of each piece of meteorite make it more than material for a wedding band. It’s a one-of-a-kind piece of art.

We learned a lot about Gibeon meteorites making this ring. For instance, the well-defined crystalline structure on its surface – a pattern customarily found only in diamonds and gemstones – is what makes it desirable. The official name of this phenomenon is the Widmanstätten pattern. It’s formed as the meteorite slowly cools in space.

Luckily, one of our favorite suppliers understands the manufacturing process and the best way to take care of the stone. Our three-way collaboration between supplier/jeweler/client became a ring unlike any other. Our client is thrilled.

For all grooms to be, selecting a wedding ring is personal. It represents you and your union with your spouse-to-be. Take time to figure out what’s most important to you so you can find your perfect groom’s wedding ring!