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The "Life Ring" Design by Vince Isaacson

New Custom Fine Jewelry from Forgotten Treasures

Custom-Designed Fine Jewelry – it’s the heart of our business at Lake Street Diamond Company. We love hearing the story of your original pieces and listening for your vision of what this jewelry could become. The transformation of one cherished memory into a new one is a wonderful journey.

A Custom Fine Jewelry Story

One of our favorite projects is a series of pieces for a recent widow – who also lost her mother the year before. Her collection consists of jewelry inherited from Mom and gifts from her late husband.

Her goal? Transform the unworn symbols of love and affection into fine jewelry she’d wear every day.

She scheduled a design consultation with the owner, Vince Isaacson. Upon arrival, she dumped her jewelry on his desk, asking, “Now, what can you do with all of this?” Vince gets these kinds of questions frequently. He knows how to listen patiently and collaborate on new ideas.

Planning the New Custom Design

Her two largest diamonds became a pair of classic stud earrings. A real challenge as the two stones, although close in color and clarity, are of different cuts. To minimize this difference Vince chose a setting that hides the difference between the stones.

The remaining loose diamonds and gold became a new ring. Vince created an interlocking, overlapping design to symbolize the memories embodied in her original jewelry and the promise of a new life to come. Dubbed the “Life Ring” this treasure is born of milestones from all the seasons of her life.

Don’t Let Fine Jewelry Go to Waste

There’s no reason to let fine jewelry sit in a box somewhere, unworn. Get it out and get it redesigned, so it matches your current personal style. You can also create gifts, in a more contemporary style, that maintain the family connection.

Repurposing unworn gold and gems not only saves you money, it also imbues the jewelry with a deeper meaning than any ready-to-wear piece could have.

Teledesign Appointments Available

The store is temporarily closed by the COVID-19 pandemic. However, we are still making memories for our customers with fine custom jewelry via our teledesign appointments on the phone or using video conferencing.

Fine jewelry is meant to be worn and enjoyed, not sitting in a box gathering dust! Email us at [email protected] and schedule a free design consultation today.