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Hands wearing custom rings and bracelets.

Custom Jewelry Handcrafted for You

Custom jewelry is as unique as the hands that wear it. Our hands are an integral part of who we are and what we do.

Imagine a ballet dancer and how her hand movements add grace, extension, and contribute to the interpretation of a story that she is dancing.

Consider the work our hands do every day. From typing on our keyboards to pruning roses in our gardens to holding the spoon as we are preparing dinner.

Think of the ways our hands are part of the memories we make, from holding hands with our special someone to pushing the stroller as we are on our walk to waving hello as a welcome to dear friends.

Through these activities we enjoy expressing our individuality through the rings and bracelets we wear. The pieces of jewelry we chose represent us and what’s important to us. This same jewelry can also honor our heritage, as pieces pass from generation to generation.

Our Custom Jewelry Considers All the Factors:

So, how does your jeweler connect your story, how you wear jewelry and the vision for custom jewelry you’re designing together? Well, no “snark” intended the answer is – very carefully and behind the scenes. Part of our responsibility as your jeweler is to understand how you wear your jewelry. We want you to know that some pieces are fragile and need to be worn delicately, while other pieces can take day-in-day-out wear without any issues. Some gemstones can crack or break while others are strong and resilient.

When our customers start the custom design process with us, our first questions are about the way you wear your jewelry. Then, we make suggestions regarding stones, metals, and design, so your finished piece not only looks beautiful but also wears well for your lifestyle. We do a similar process when we are repairing and maintaining your jewelry.

When your rings won’t slide over your knuckle, we have a solution for that too!

Each pair of hands is unique and deserves celebration through the jewelry pieces we chose to wear. The smiles on our customers’ faces that come from wearing their jewelry are job satisfaction for us!