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Show your gratitude with a gift of jewelry

Gift Giving: An Attitude of Gratitude

The word gratitude is “the state of being grateful; thankfulness,” but in practice it’s really about creating an attitude of gratitude. Being grateful is a choice, a pattern of awareness, a set of habits, a way of being.

I realize I’m “waxing poetic.” Spoiler alert: There may be more!

I hear your question: How does gratitude relate to a jewelry store? Well, all of life’s special moments that we celebrate with jewelry are moments of gratitude.

Moments for Gratitude

  • A birthday gift of a pair of earrings says, “I’m grateful for your presence in my life.”
  • A piece of custom designed jewelry for an anniversary says, “You’re totally unique and I’m grateful to spend my life with you.”
  • A necklace given at graduation says, “I’m grateful for your hard work, and I’m proud of you.”

Don’t miss these opportunities to mark your special moments of gratitude. It’s easy to let them slip away in the busyness of everyday life. Be sure to show your gratitude to those important to you. A thoughtful gift expresses that gratitude better than anything else.

Grateful Through the Years

When Vince Isaacson, Master Jeweler and Founder of Lake Street Diamond Company, started 36 years ago, he really wasn’t thinking about what business would look like today. Now, looking back, Vince is not sure exactly what he expected back then.

His gratitude is to his clientele who have allowed him to be here for this long. For all that know Vince, you can hear him saying this in his unassuming manner, but you know that statement is truly heartfelt.

An Attitude of Gratitude in Challenging Times

This year has been like no other that we have experienced. As we move into the holidays, we are reminded that we can be in an attitude of gratitude even in 2020.

That brings me back to our 36th anniversary and our customers. Gratitude is more than just saying “thank you” as part of a business transaction. It is all about creating a relationship with our customers. We love it when you share a picture from a proposal, bring in your newborn baby (or grandbaby), come in with your adult children to be part of the engagement ring selection, or place a cherished picture in a locket.

For 36 years, while our customers have been grateful for what we’ve done for them, in the end, we are the lucky ones. We are immensely grateful for all that our customers have given us and we look forward to sharing many more moments and stories!

So, from all of us at Lake Street Diamond Company, we say with gratitude: thank you for sharing 36 years with us! As Vince likes to say, “wouldn’t have it any other way!”